Welcome to BasenjiBlogs, home to NEB Basenjis. We started BasenjiBlogs as a resource to share our knowledge and experiences with the Basenji breed. We invite you to follow our journey as we continue to navigate the dog show world and take our puppies to new levels. Please visit our Blog page to keep up with our latest posts and announcements.

NEB Basenjis is a small, AKC registered Basenji breeder. Our Basenji’s are of champion bloodlines and have been breed with a focus toward temperament and personality. We have at most two to three litters of Basenji puppies available each year. If you have been looking for a Basenji puppy chances are that you’ve already realized that many breeders do not offer their Basenji puppies to pet families. We do offer our Basenji puppies for sale to pet families, although we will require all NEB puppies to be spayed/neutered. Forever home families are not required to show our Basenji puppies. We believe that everyone should have the chance to share their home with our beloved breed, not just those that are involved in the dog show world. Although we do encourage families to do so and will always offer our support!

Our new Site is still a work in progress. Please excuse our mess as we continue to implement our changes. While we finish cleaning up our website, we are still available to answer any questions you may have. Please use this link to our Contact Form if you would like to reach us.

We do have Basenji puppies that are currently available If you would like to be considered for one of our NEB Basenji puppies, please use this link to our Puppy Application. You are also welcome to call us directly at (518)369-9282. Please note that We do require all potential homes to complete a short screening process before we will agree to the sale of one of our Basenji puppies.